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Learn more about Austria Proxy Servers

Austria may not be one of the largest countries in Europe, but it does have an impressive record of internet access for its citizens. Although it ranks just 52nd in total internet users, it has the 28th highest percentage of citizens with access to the internet. Most current figures put the percentage of regular Austrian internet users at upwards of 81%, several points higher than the average for all European nations. With Proxy Server Pro’s server located in Vienna, internet users all over Austria can browse safely, securely, and quickly.

Because internet restrictions are virtually nonexistent in Austria, proxy servers may not seem like an urgent concern. However, proxies do more than just let you unblock websites. They also allow you to hide your identity from the sites you visit by using an intermediate server, rather than connecting directly to the site.

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From Graz to Salzburg, no matter where you are in Austria, Proxy Server Pro can help you get the most out of the internet. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN–a virtual private network–which means that you get all of the benefits of a free proxy server, plus encryption and much more. Never again will you have to worry about entering private information on a public network.

With Proxy Server Pro, your data is transmitted securely using the highest standard of encryption available. Because our server is located in Vienna, your connection isn’t slowed down by long-distance communications. And when you use Proxy Server Pro, the sites you visit will never even know you were there. With so many Austrians connected to the web, you never know who’s watching. But with Proxy Server Pro, you can be sure they won’t see a thing.