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Learn more about Belgium Proxy Servers

If you’re in Belgium, Proxy Server Pro has the solutions you need to browse the internet safely and securely. Belgium is known for its advanced internet infrastructure. In recent years, internet service providers have been steadily increasing availability of VDSL2 connections, which can support up to 300 Mbps connection speeds. Belgium also leads the world in adoption of IPv6 connectivity.

As technology expands, Belgium shows no sign of slowing down its adoption of cutting-edge infrastructure, and with Proxy Server Pro, Belgian internet users can take full advantage of their high speed connections.

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And as internet access becomes more widespread, concerns over security and privacy have only grown. Luckily, proxy servers are available to help minimize certain digital risks. A proxy server allows you to avoid network restrictions by using an intermediate server to access your favorite sites and hide your identity from them. Because internet censorship is essentially nonexistent in Belgium, proxy servers may seem unnecessary. However, Proxy Server Pro offers these features and many more.

Wherever you are in Belgium, Proxy Server Pro is your go-to for fast, secure browsing from Brussels to Antwerp and beyond. We offer a VPN, which has all the protections of a standard proxy server plus encryption. When you use public wireless networks, you never know who may be listening in to your connection, ready to steal your passwords and other data. With Proxy Server Pro, you can rest easy.

Our server is located in Oostkamp, so no matter where you are in Belgium, you’ll have access to the free, open internet over a secure connection. We also offer speeds that can keep up with your infrastructure, so you can spend less time waiting, and more time surfing. Belgium’s advanced internet technologies deserve the best protection. With Proxy Server Pro that’s exactly what you’ll get.