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There are many kinds of proxy servers for many different functions – one of the most popular is the caching proxy server. A caching proxy won’t help you unblock websites or hide your identity, but they play an important role in the modern internet. If you want to use a proxy to get around network filters–without risking your security and privacy–it’s important to understand some of the major pieces that make the internet work.

A caching proxy server works in a similar way to a normal proxy server. Like a web proxy, it forwards requests from one computer to another based on certain criteria. The software used to run many web proxies, such as Apache and Nginx, often has caching features as well. A cache is primarily used to increase a website’s performance. It does this by storing copies of resources, like files and images, that are requested most often.

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All requests are passed through the caching proxy, and when one of them matches a resource held in the cache, it’s delivered to the user immediately rather than passing it along to the web server, where it would take extra resources to retrieve it. There are also checks in place to make sure pages are current and valid. By adding this extra layer between the user and the server, the site is able to save time and computing power. Caching is a common practice on the internet, and nearly every major website uses it in some form. However, caching proxies can’t do everything–a caching proxy server will not help you protect your identity or provide security.

Proxy Server Pro is not a caching proxy server, but it still offers plenty of speed in other ways. With locations in 25 countries, you won’t have to wait for your data to travel halfway around the world. Not only does Proxy Server Pro reduce network delay by eliminating long-distance communication, it also allows you to connect on state-of-the-art infrastructure that offers speeds up to ten times faster than a free web proxy. Proxy Server Pro is a fully featured VPN, meaning that it will allow you to access blocked sites, hide your IP address, and browse the internet on an encrypted connection every time. Whether you’re shopping online at your favorite coffee shop or checking social media from home, you’ll never have to worry who might be monitoring you. With Proxy Server Pro, you can browse the full internet safely, securely, and with the best speeds available on any network.