Can a Proxy Server Speed Up Your Internet?

Proxy Server Pro can’t speed up your internet but it can unblock sites.

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Can a proxy server speed up your internet? With all the excitement about what proxies can do for you, this is a common question asked by new proxy users. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer–no, proxy servers cannot speed up your internet. In fact, if you don’t choose a proxy carefully, they may even slow it down. To understand what a proxy can and can’t do for you, we must first understand how proxies transfer data.

A proxy is simply a server that forwards requests from your computer to the websites you want to access. When you send a request to a proxy, there are two connections necessary for you to get content from the website you’re accessing. The first connection, between you and the proxy, will be limited by the speed of the internet you’re using, whether it’s your home, or some other network. When you purchase internet access from your ISP, you’re usually told how fast your connection is in megabits per second (Mbps). This number indicates how fast you can send and receive data from your network under ideal conditions. The second connection, between the proxy and the website, is limited by different ISPs–the one used by the proxy and the the one used by the website.

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When the data is returned from the site to the proxy, back to you, your network speeds apply. If your connection is only 5 Mbps, a proxy will not increase your speed, because your network can only receive data at a maximum of 5 Mbps. In fact, a proxy server often slows down your connection–your data will normally find the fastest route available to a website, but with a proxy server, you’re directing your requests through a server that might be far out of the way. Also, the very fact that the request is going to an additional server takes time also, since you’re not making a direct connection to the website. So can a proxy server speed up your internet? Absolutely not–in many cases, you’ll find it has quite the opposite effect.

Proxy Server Pro is a better solution. A normal proxy could be hosted anywhere, and it’s often unclear what kind of network speeds they offer. Our servers are connected on only 1 Gbps or higher networks, so you’ll never see a bottleneck in speed with Proxy Server Pro. We also reduce network latency by offering locations in 25 countries around the world.

You’ll know exactly where your data is going, and you can optimize your connection by choosing a server that’s close to you. The truth is we can’t speed up your internet, but with Proxy Server Pro, you can take full advantage of the network you already have, without the headaches caused by the other proxies out there.