Can Proxy Servers Be Blocked?

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Proxy servers a popular way to access restricted websites, but can proxy servers be blocked? The short answer, unfortunately, is yes. Even though most people use proxies due to simple privacy concerns, some users want to hide their identity to avoid getting caught doing things they shouldn’t. These people can cause significant problems for website owners, and sometimes their solution is to block requests coming from a proxy or VPN.

Most internet traffic is sent in a format called HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol. A proxy server simply forwards traffic from you to the sites you want to access, but it still needs to use the correct protocol. You can think of internet traffic like an email–there’s a header and a body. The header contains the IP address of the computer that sent the request, and the IP address of the website it’s requesting content from. The body is the request itself. When you use a proxy, the header contains the proxy server’s IP address instead of yours, but it still needs to contain something to tell the site where to send its response. Some website owners maintain “blacklists” of IP addresses that their sites will not respond to.

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These might include users who are known to be fraudulent or abusive, blocks of addresses from certain countries, or even a list of known proxy server addresses. The site owners usually aren’t being malicious by blocking proxies–they’re just trying to make sure that all traffic to their site is legitimate–but it can still be annoying. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good solutions. If your IP address (or your proxy’s) is blocked, your best option is to find a different way to access the site. There’s good news, though. Most websites don’t block proxies because it’s simply too much work to maintain a list of every proxy server available–about 30% of proxy IP addresses change daily, so the sites that do block proxy access are few and far between.

Proxy Server Pro is a little different from a normal proxy–it’s a VPN, or virtual private network. It can still be blocked, so it won’t solve the problem of IP address blacklists, but it does include other features that regular proxies don’t. Proxy Server Pro allows you to encrypt your connection for greater privacy and security.

We also offer locations in 25 countries around the world (which does, in fact, avoid geoblocking). Proxies and VPNs are great, but they’re not magic. But with Proxy Server Pro, you’ll have access to security and privacy features so powerful, it might as well be.