Can Proxy Servers Be Detected?

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Can proxy servers be detected? With all the hype around what a proxy server can do for you, this question may have crossed your mind while researching the details. A proxy server, as you probably have heard, can hide your IP address as a measure to protect your identity. But who protects the proxy? You may be surprised to find out that the answer is no one–the proxy is totally detectable in most cases.

A proxy server works by forwarding requests from your computer to the websites you want to visit. By using a proxy rather than connecting directly, the websites only “see” a request coming from the proxy server’s IP address, not yours. Hiding your IP address with a proxy will give you a certain level of protection, but there’s still plenty of other information about your computer in the request, such as browser and operating system data. This alone is not usually enough to identify you, but it can create problems.

If you’re using a proxy you find on the internet, websites will be getting many requests from the same IP address (the proxy’s) but with different browser and OS data. This is an easy way to tell that the IP address belongs to a proxy, and some websites run checks for this so they can block traffic from proxies. Proxy servers can also be detected easily from the client side (your network). If an administrator is logging outgoing traffic on your network, they may notice that all traffic from your computer is going to the same IP address. This is a dead giveaway that you’re using a proxy server.

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Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to avoid these issues, unless you decide to run your own proxy server, which can be complicated. Most sites don’t block traffic coming from proxy servers, but it’s important to realize that even proxies are not anonymous on the internet.

Proxy Server Pro may not solve the problem of an identifiable server, but it does offer other advantages over a normal proxy server. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, which means that every connection you make is encrypted, allowing you to enter personal data like passwords and credit card numbers on any network–even public WiFi–without worrying about who’s watching. We also offer servers in 25 countries around the world, so you can be sure there’s one close to you.

We won’t tell you our servers can’t be detected–that’s simply not true. But we absolutely say that Proxy Server Pro will provide a safer, more private connection on any network, and that’s our promise to you.