In an era of increased exposure to social media and emails, login passwords have now become a norm in our day-to-day life. But quite frankly, with or without the use of passwords, the cyber world is still a dangerous playground for playing all kinds of ‘games’ in.

Regardless of whether you are using a simple or strong password, if your internet connection is not completely secure, then you are still essentially putting yourself at risk of being spied on by hackers. Additionally, if you are using a proxy server to keep your connections anonymous, there is also a high possibility that your passwords can be exposed to the proxy server company you trusted to protect you in the first place!

How Can Proxy Servers See My Passwords?

If you ask if whether a web proxy server can steal login credentials or not, the simply answer is yes – it’s possible…but it’s not always that simple.


Proxy protection


Can the proxy server see your passwords? It really depends on how the proxy server operates. If the proxy service is being run by hackers, then without a doubt your password is being shopped out to nefarious cybercriminals. However, there are still plenty of other some perfectly honest proxy servers out there that really stay true to their promises of providing anonymous connections. It all boils down to which proxy service you decide to entrust your connections to.

There are hundreds of proxy servers available today and in most cases, they offer their services for free – which is the ultimate bait for unsuspecting users. Unfortunately, a lot of these ‘free’ proxy servers double as phishing websites, designed to steal your login credentials. If you feel the need to use a free proxy server, then you should avoid accessing websites that would require your login details. You can still use free proxies if you have to, but this activity should be limited to browse through the web and do some research work on Google. If you have to access your social media accounts or emails, we strongly advice that you make use of a premium proxy service or VPN instead.

Can a Paid Proxy or VPN See My Passwords?

The answer to this question is again, on a case-by-case basis. If the proxy service or VPN company will indeed keep its promise of providing you with your privacy and complete anonymity, then you have nothing to be worried about.


Here’s how a proxy server works. Youtube Video


Like with proxies, VPNs can also see your passwords if you are using an unencrypted service. If say for example you are accessing a HTTP website, then the paid VPN or proxy service can definitely see your login credentials. However, if the website you are accessing is a HTTPS site (i.e., then your VPN or proxy service won’t be able to see your passwords. Only you and the HTTPS website can decrypt the messages that are being sent through the line of communication.


Unfortunately, some paid VPNs/proxies are associated with third-party marketing companies that collect user data. If the VPN company shares your personal details, logs, and passwords to a third-party, then you no longer benefit from the purpose of using a VPN in the first place (to become anonymous online).


So before signing up for a paid anonymity service, we strongly advise that you first review the company and see to it that it can certainly keep its promises. Try our Proxy Server Pro proxy today, because although we may be able to see your passwords, we make a promise to our customers never to use or sell that information for anything other than keeping you safe on the web no matter where you are in the world!