Can Proxy Servers Steal Information?

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Can proxy servers steal information? If you’ve done your homework on proxies, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. The answer is yes, they can. It’s hard to know which sites to trust, and it can be scary knowing that even if you use a proxy to try to protect yourself, you might still be at risk. We believe that information is power, and when you understand how a proxy works, you can make informed decisions about the risks you take.

A proxy server forwards requests from your computer to the server running a website. When you access a site through a proxy, everything you send or receive from that site–passwords, credit card numbers, and even photos–goes through the proxy one way or another. You can avoid this for the most part by only using secure sites that are encrypted with SSL/TLS. The proxies can still capture this data, but they won’t be able to read it. To be fair, most proxies don’t log this information; there’s simply too much of it to be worth their time, or they’re not malicious.

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But it is absolutely possible for them to keep logs of all the data they send and receive. There is a large market for stolen passwords and credit card numbers, and it’s easy to throw around buzzwords like “secure” and “anonymous” on a proxy site to trick people into using their server to gather this information. In reality, there’s practically no way to know what a proxy server is doing with your data, so your decision to use a proxy server is based on trust. Before you use a proxy server, do your homework: read user reviews and check out the site. Look for information about the people running the proxy server, since transparency is usually a good sign that you can trust them. Think about the overall appearance of the site and trust your instincts before you trust the proxy–if you don’t think it looks legitimate, don’t use it.

What makes Proxy Server Pro different? First of all, Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, not just a proxy server. This means your data is encrypted from the time it leaves your computer to the time it arrives at the website – our servers don’t decrypt or log your traffic, they just deliver it. Proxy Server has been in business since 2012, and more than 9 million users can’t be wrong. Your privacy and trust are our top priority–we even put our CEO’s name and photo on the front page, and welcome you to contact us with any concerns. With Proxy Server Pro, you can enjoy the internet securely and be assured that no one can see your data–not even us.