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When was the last time you tried to watch a high-definition video, or download a large file? How long did it take? Most importantly, would you like to make it faster? We’ve all experienced slow internet speeds at one point or another, and it can be incredibly frustrating. This frustration can be compounded if you’re using a proxy server, since many free web proxies are notoriously slow to connect you to the rest of the web.

Luckily, Proxy Server offers high-speed solutions for watching your favorite videos and downloading large files. Our products do not increase your internet speed by themselves, but they do provide a safer (and more importantly), faster solution than nearly all other proxies out there today. So if you’re looking for a fast proxy server that’s easy to use, you’ve come to the right place!

Why Proxy Servers are Slow

Proxy servers are based on one simple principle: forwarding your internet traffic. Because proxy servers forward your requests to websites through a separate server, they allow you to be anonymous while you surf the web because you never connect directly to a website’s servers. You simply tell the proxy server what site you want to visit, and it makes the request for you. The site’s servers only see requests from the proxy, with none of your information.

Proxy servers are a great way to browse the internet without revealing your identity, however there is a downside. The internet uses a huge network of wires and cables to send signals between computers, and even WiFi internet access is not completely wireless; your computer uses radio signals to communicate with a router that must have a physical, wired connection to the rest of the web. When digital signals travel through these wires, they do so very quickly, but not at unlimited speed. The geographic distance between computers still affects the time that data takes to travel between them, and in technical terms, this is called latency.

When you use a proxy server, your request travels to another server before being passed along to its destination. The extra distance it travels increases the time it takes to reach the website, and the same thing happens when the response is sent back to you. The result is that using a proxy server is much slower than it would be when connecting directly instead.

Why Proxy Server Pro is the Fastest

Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN offers the same ability to hide your IP address as a regular proxy, plus many other features that make it much faster. To use Proxy Server Pro, simply install the client software and turn it on. Once it’s active, your traffic is automatically routed through it, without the need for the clunky web applications most other proxies use.

Proxy Server Pro also offers server locations in 25 countries worldwide, so you can be sure there’s a proxy server close to you. This means your information isn’t going thousands of miles out of its way before it reaches the website you want to access. Proxy Server Pro also uses top-of-the-line fiber optic infrastructure to get the best possible speeds—upwards of 100 megabits per second—so you can download a game or load a high-definition movie in seconds, not minutes or hours.

If you run out of money, you can make more. If you lose your phone, you can buy a new one. But the time you spend waiting on slow downloads is gone forever, totally wasted, and with Proxy Server Pro you get the speed you need to make every second count.