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Glype proxy servers are one of the most popular ways to hide your identity online and browse the internet anonymously. Glype is a popular piece of software that powers thousands of proxy servers. It was created with the PHP, one of the most popular programming languages on the internet, and allows you to mask your IP address, unblock websites that are restricted on your network, and much more. Glype is a great way to keep companies like Google and Amazon from tracking you online, but it’s just a proxy server, not a total security service. To understand why, let’s take a look at how proxy servers work.

A proxy server allows you to avoid a direct connection with the websites you visit. When you use a proxy, you’re sending it requests, which are then forwarded on to the sites themselves. In this way, the sites see a request coming from the proxy’s IP address, not yours. Glype is a web application, so it generates the sites you request in an application, not directly in your browser. Unfortunately, this can cause problems. Websites are not designed to be rendered this way, so with a proxy server like Glype, some pages may not load correctly. Another downside is that Glype and other proxies transmit most data in plain text. If a hacker uses a man-in-the-middle connection, for example, they will see every piece of data you send to it. This can happen even without using a proxy, of course, but it’s important to realize that a Glype proxy server is not a total security tool.

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Proxy Server Pro offers the anonymity of a Glype proxy server, with additional security features. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, which means it masks your IP address in the same way as a normal proxy, but it also uses encryption to protect sensitive data you enter, like passwords and credit card numbers. With Proxy Server Pro, you can browse the internet securely on any network, even public WiFi. We also offer locations in 25 countries, so no matter where you are in the world, you can be sure you’re protected. Proxy Server Pro removes the added step of rendering pages in an application, making it up to ten times faster than a normal web proxy like Glype.

When it comes to choosing a proxy, security is a top priority. Any web proxy can make you anonymous, but Proxy Server Pro offers all the tools you need to truly protect your identity anytime, anywhere.