You have decided on the best ProVPN option for you and have created an account, what’s next? Fortunately, ProVPN was designed to be simple and user-friendly, and will have you enjoying secure and private browsing in a manner of minutes.


Install ProVPN


After creating an account with ProxyServer, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link to our VPN service, ProVPN. It will take you to our downloads page, which will prompt you to select the appropriate download for either PC or Mac. Downloads page | Selected: Categories | ProVPN for Mac OS X | ProVPN for Windows


Make sure to visit our download options often, because we are always working on new OS and device options for our VPN! To remain in the loop about all of our new projects, be sure to sign up for our mailing list.


Installing ProVPN from here is easy. Confirm where you want ProVPN on your hard drive (the default is Program Files, which we recommend unless you have a specific reason to store the app elsewhere). Once you are confident your program files are where you want them to be, confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions and click install.


Windows Security window | Would you like to install this device software? Name: ProVPN TAP Adapter Network adapters | Publisher:, LLC | Always trust software from ", LLC". Selected: Install | Don't Install | You should only install driver software from publishers you trust. How can I decide which device software is safe to install?


Proxy Server ProVPN | Setup requires 63 MB in: C:\Program Files\Proxy Server ProVPN\ | You must agree to the Licenses terms and conditions before you can install ProVPN. Selected: I agree to the License terms and conditions. INSTALL


Log In & Select Region


To start using your VPN, log in using the account you created when you purchased ProVPN, and for convenience you can check Remember Me to save your login information; but only do this on your own personal device. All you have left to do from here is choose your server location, and remember to check out our server status page to monitor the server load and uptime on all of our server locations before making your final decision.  


PROXY SERVER | Username | Password | Selected: Remember Me | Server (dropdown menu) | Connect | Support | Reset Password | Sign Up


Not sure which location is best for you? If you are using a VPN specifically to circumvent geoblocking, all you have to do is choose a server in a different country than your own. If you know the region that hosts the content you are attempting to provide, that will be your best choice (for example, try our United Kingdom server to access BBC’s iPlayer video service). For a more in-depth look in selecting the optimal region for your browsing purposes, read How to Select the Best VPN Server for Your Location.


Welcome to the World of Private Browsing


And that’s all there is – you’re in! As you browse, a background ProVPN window will inform you of your session data amounts and the time you have been connected to your VPN. 


We believe everybody who access the Internet has a right to an encrypted, robust, and secure connection. That’s why we designed ProVPN to be accessible to anybody, and easy to set up from installation to unlimited private browsing. Of course, the more you use your VPN service, the more you may start to consider the various ways you can take advantage of your newfound security. Check out our How-To articles to see all the other creative ways you can use yourProxy ServerVPN!