If you ask people why they use a VPN, one of the most common reasons you’ll hear is to access content that’s been blocked in certain countries. If you live in a region where Facebook and Twitter are censored or restricted, your first course of action is to choose a server outside of your home country.


When Facebook or Twitter are blocked in your country, your primary goal is to get an IP address that tells their servers you are connecting from a different location than your own. Because you aren’t targeting a specific country (as you would, for instance, if you wanted to access BBC iPlayer or Hulu), the best choice is to use any server that’s nearest your home country and is allowed to browse those sites without any blocks put in place.


How to Use ProVPN to Access Facebook and Twitter


There are several reasons Facebook and Twitter are banned for certain locations around the world. Sometimes, a government will issue an entire blanket ban on all Facebook content, while other bans only apply to specific searches and profiles. Luckily, ProxyServer’s ProVPN allows you to circumvent all banning scenarios with the right VPN connection.

Setting Up Your ProVPN Account


If you haven’t already, your first step will be to sign up with ProxyServer. Once you’ve set up your account, keep an eye on your inbox for the confirmation email and follow the download link. It will look like this:


Download Your ProVPN


From here, download and install our ProVPN service. Setup is easy! All you have to do is login, select a region, and connect. Check out How Easy Is It to Set Up YourProxy ServerVPN? for extra screenshots and helpful tips.


Selecting a Region


Certain countries have issued blanket bans on all Facebook content, including Bangladesh, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria. If you are attempting to connect from one of these countries, you should choose a different location and spoof your own region behind a foreign IP address.


Choosing the server nearest to you reduces buffering times caused by distance, and allows for the highest possible network speeds and streaming quality. ProVPN has servers all around the world, increasing your chances of location a server in which you have little to no noticeable difference in speed and quality.


Check out How to Select the Best VPN Server for Your Location for a thorough run-down on all of the different ways VPN users try to determine the best server location for their specific purposes.


ProxyServer Pro Locations


Getting the Fastest Connection Speeds


If multiple servers are located near your home country, you may want to compare connection speeds to ensure you get the best performance.


To test out the performance of a particular server, first select a location on the login page.


ProxyServer Pro App


You can discover your new external IP address by visiting www.whatismyip.com (do not run ipconfig on your computer’s command line, as this will only show your computer’s actual IP address).


WhatIsMyIP.com Screenshot


Next, open Command Prompt in Windows or Terminal in Mac. From here, you can ping your VPN server’s IP address and trace the route your computer takes to connect to the server. For the fastest possible connection, you are looking for the shortest ping time and the fewest hops. Visit for How to Select the Best VPN Server for Your Location complete instructions and screenshots.


Connect to Facebook or Twitter


Once you pick the best server location and click Connect, you are ready to connect to Facebook and Twitter. ProxyServer’s ProVPN service quietly runs in the background, so it never interrupts your streaming. You can check in on the minimized data window whenever you want to monitor your streaming information. This data includes the location of your actual IP address, your new IP location based on the server you selected, and your streaming session data.


Keep track of your Session Data; while VPN servers are great for ensuring your privacy and security and can even increase your streaming speeds, they do not change the data rates you may be charged from your Internet service provider if you go over their monthly cap.


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Now you can connect to Facebook and Twitter in restricted countries using a VPN. Now that you are up and running with ProVPN, it’s easy to connect to any content streaming site you want! To learn how you can make the most of your VPN, check out our How-To articles for a full list of ProVPN capabilities.