It’s no secret that ISPs throttle their clients to control streaming speeds and bandwidth costs. Even if you are paying for a specific speed capability, you may have noticed that your actual performance is always below what you’re being promised.


Unlike ISPs and some other VPN services,Proxy Serverwill never cap your bandwidth and gives you an unlimited number of VPN switches. No matter how long you browse and how much content you stream or download, you can always use our ProVPN service at maximum capacity. This means you can enjoy the privacy and security of a VPN service while continuing to stream HD video without any buffering and download at the highest speeds possible.


Not only does ProVPN benefit your home connection, but it also gives you a boost when browsing on public WiFi. You are probably accustomed to a connection trade-off when it comes to public WiFi: yes, it’s nice to have wireless Internet access away from home, but free and public services are rarely as fast as your home connection. You can use a VPN service to enjoy the fastest possible connection, whether you are on a train out of town or in your favorite local coffee shop.


Start at Home


VPN servers work by routing your traffic through a number of external servers before reaching the host server, and a flow of traffic from one server to the next is called a “hop.” In order to maximize your connection speed, you want the fewest hops possible. If you do not have a specific reason to connect through another country, your best course of action is to connect to the server nearest your current location. For many, that means selecting their home country (and nearest city, if you are in a country with multiple VPN servers available). For others, that means selecting the country nearest your own.


See this map ofProxy ServerVPN locations to find the closest server near you!


Comparing Server Speeds by IP Address


Sometimes though your home country isn’t an option, either because of censorship or geoblocking. Check out How to Select the Best VPN Server for Your Location for more tips and tricks on server location.


Whether you are downloading files, streaming content from Hulu, or accessing a torrenting site, high-bandwidth activities rely on fast connections. ProxyServer’s ProVPN has VPN servers all around the world, meaning you can easily find the fastest connection speeds near you!


To test out the performance of a particular server, first select a location on the login page.


PROXY SERVER | New IP: Canada | Old IP: USA - Saint Petersburg | Session Data: 228 KB | Connected Time: 1 min | Disconnect | Support | Reset Password | Sign Up


You can discover your new external IP address by visiting (do not run ipconfig on your computer’s command line, as this will only show your computer’s actual IP address). | THE IP ADDRESS EXPERTS | Log In | Create Account | Home | Speed Test | IP Lookup | Hide My IP | Change My IP | Your IP ADDRESS IS: | City: Toronto | State: Prince Edward Island | Country: CA | ISP: Digital Ocean Inc. | My IP Information | What My IP Says About Me | Proxy Check


Next, open Command Prompt in Windows or Terminal in Mac. From here, you can ping your VPN server’s IP address and trace the route your computer takes to connect to the server. For the fastest possible connection, you are looking for the shortest ping time and the fewest hops.




Search for cmd in your Start menu’s search bar.


Programs: cmd.exe


Ping your VPN server’s IP address (the IP you located at and make note of the response time. Use the command ping [IP address] as pictured in the example below. This is the same command in both Command Prompt and Terminal.




To trace the IP route, use the command tracert [IP address] as pictured in the example below.






In Finder, visit Applications > Utilities > Terminal.


Apple Finder menu: iCloud Drive | AirDrop | Selected: Applications | Desktop | DownloadsApple Finder Applications menu: Time | Selected: Utilities folder | VLC.appApple Applications menu: System | Selected: | VoiceOver


As with Command Prompt in Windows, you will use the command ping [IP address] as pictured above.


To trace your connection path, use the command traceroute [IP address] as pictured below.






There is no reason to run less than optimal connection speeds on your computer. WithProxy ServerVPN servers all around the world, we can get you up and running at high speed in no time. Online proxy servers often bog down your connection and give you no choice over your server location, while other VPN services limit the number of times you can switch to a new server. Luckily, ProxyServer’s ProVPN gives you unlimited switches for maximum control over your own secure browsing experience.


You are three steps away from the fastest possible secure and private online browsing. Check out How Easy is it to Set Up YourProxy ServerVPN? to get started today!