Government surveillance of online activity has established a new level of widespread censorship. Some governments block entire websites, like Facebook and Twitter, or content from YouTube or certain Google searches. In some countries, social media accounts are blocked and activists are added to watch lists.


VPN's and gov't censorship


VPN providers are at the forefront of fighting state surveillance and censorship. Most of the well-known proxy services available on the web are sophisticated networks, managed across the world by people dedicated to privacy and security. VPN servers have earned a reputation as a political tool for journalists communicating with at-risk sources, for activists in regions with high degrees of online censorship, and for computer researchers working on developing advanced encryption methods with strong privacy protections.


Setting Up Your ProVPN Account


Now that you have an account with ProxyServer, the first thing you need to do is download and install our VPN service, ProVPN. Fortunately, setup is easy! Once you receive your confirmation email with the download link, all you need to do is login, select a region, and connect.


Proxyserver screenshot


To see our screenshots and read a more detailed description of the installation process, check out How Easy Is It to Set Up YourProxy ServerVPN?


Using ProxyServer’s ProVPN to Bypass Government Censorship


Encryption is the most popular means of securing private information. Although the app and software markets are seeing a spike in products offering encrypted communications (and we advocate their use), the most popular means of communication are constantly changing and coming under fire from various governments. The most certain way to ensure all of your communications are always private and secure is to send everything through an encrypted VPN. See How Does a VPN Work? to learn more about encryption.


VPN servers work by routing your traffic through a number of servers before reaching the host server. This flow of traffic from one server to the next is called a “hop.” In order to maximize your connection speed, you want the fewest hops possible. If you do not have a specific reason to connect through another country – for instance, if you are simply trying to avoid detection – your best course of action is to connect to the server nearest your current location. For many, that means selecting their home country (and nearest city, if you are in a country with multiple VPN servers available). For others, that means selecting the country nearest your own.


Selecting a VPN Server Outside of Your Home Country


If you live in a region where content is censored or restricted, you want to get an IP address that tells servers you are from a different location. Because you aren’t targeting a specific country and are instead just trying to leave your own, the best course of action is to choose the server nearest your home country.


Most of the time it is best to use the nearest available server to your home country. This reduces buffering times caused by distance, and allows for the highest possible network speeds and streaming quality. ProVPN has servers all around the world, increasing your chances of location a server in which you have little to no noticeable difference in speed and quality.


Selecting a VPN Server in a Specific Country


If you are trying to access content that is only available in a specific part of the world (such as BBC iPlayer or Hulu), you want to select a server in that country. In a large country such as the United States, there are many different servers available, so you want to select the VPN server nearest your actual location.


With twelve servers in the United States, we have ample room to help you find the closest location for the fastest bandwidth.


Choose a Proxy Server location


For example: if you live in Europe or Africa, select a server on the US East Coast. If you are in Asia, the Middle East, or the Pacific Islands, try a West Coast server. For those in South America, your best bet is a server in southern US, while those in Canada should locate the northern US state closest to your own province.


Check out How to Select the Best VPN Server for Your Location for full instructions and screenshots, along with a more detailed explanation on ensuring the fastest connection speeds.


Connect and Surf Surveillance-Free


Once you get the hang of using yourProxy ServerVPN, you can access social media, read articles on WikiPedia, make unlimited Google Searches, blog under an anonymous identity, and stream content from around the world. Now that you know how to use ProVPN, check out all of the other ways you can get the most out of your secure and private connection. Check out our How-To articles for a full list of our capabilities.