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Learn more about Italy Proxy Servers.

For anyone looking for greater internet security in Italy, Proxy Server Pro is the total solution to help you access the open internet safely and with total privacy. Italy has one of the longest histories of internet connectivity among European nations, dating back to 1986.0

Unfortunately, its infrastructure has not been updated much since then, and Italy has earned a reputation as having some of the slowest connection speeds in Europe. The good news is that major upgrades are already in progress, and over the next few years, speeds are expected to increase dramatically. Don’t get left behind–as Italy overhauls its internet, there’s never been a better time to secure your connection with Proxy Server Pro.

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A proxy server allows you to become anonymous online. It works by forwarding traffic from your computer to the websites you want to visit, so that connections appear to come from the proxy server, not you. If you’re using the internet in Rome, Naples, or anywhere else in Italy, proxy servers are a good first step in protecting your identity.

But if you want the best internet security in Italy, Proxy Server Pro is the next step. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, meaning it can handle multiple connections and encrypt any data you send. Whether you’re checking your email in a local coffee shop or simply shopping online at home, Proxy Server Pro uses the most advanced security standards available to encrypt your passwords, credit card details, and everything else you send.

Our server is located in Milan, providing speeds up to ten times faster than a normal proxy. The Italian internet is getting better every day. As Italy’s network enters a new era, Proxy Server Pro helps you stay up to date with the latest in modern online security.