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Learn more about Netherlands Proxy Servers

If you’re an internet user in the Netherlands, Proxy Server Pro is your key to access the full and open internet securely. Nearly 16 million Dutch citizens have access to the internet.

What makes this figure even more impressive is the fact that this accounts for more than 93% of people in the Netherlands, making it one of the most well-connected nations in the world. Internet speeds in the Netherlands are among the fastest in the world, and clock in at more than three times the global average.

The best networks require the best security. That’s where Proxy Server Pro can help. A proxy server allows you to forward traffic from your computer to the websites you want to visit. By doing this, you avoid a direct connection and effectively hide your identity. But whether you want a private connection in Rotterdam, Utrecht, or anywhere else in the Netherlands, Proxy Server Pro offers more than just a hidden IP address.

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When you use our server based in the Netherlands, Proxy Server Pro allows you access to one of the fastest networks in the world, at up to ten times the speed of a free web proxy. The server is located in Amsterdam, so your data doesn’t travel halfway around the world before reaching its destination. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN,  offering all the benefits of a regular proxy, plus encryption.

Whether you’re streaming video in a coffee shop or checking Facebook at school, every bit of data you send and receive–including passwords and credit card details–is hidden. With Proxy Server Pro, you can have total security and privacy on one of the world’s best networks!