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While doing research on how to unblock websites, you may have found information about the Nginx proxy server. Unfortunately, Nginx (pronounced “engine x”) won’t help you get around a firewall or hide your IP address, but it’s one of the most popular and widely-used pieces of software on web servers today. Although it can’t help you in the same ways as most other proxies, knowing how Nginx works is an important part of understanding the modern internet.

Nginx is primarily a web server. A web server is software on a website’s physical server, and it is responsible for managing user requests and finding content on the server, among other things. Nginx is especially useful because it can act as a proxy server as well as simply a normal web server, meaning that it can forward certain requests to other servers or programs. It can also act as a reverse proxy for a group of servers belonging to the same website, or a caching server, which stores certain content in memory so that it can be delivered to users much faster.

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Nginx is powerful because it can be configured to take sets of request that fit certain criteria, like the request type or port, and do different things with them. For example, some requests may be served directly, or they may be proxied to a different location. Don’t worry if this all sounds complicated – you may never need to know how Nginx works. However, it’s a critical part of many websites such as Hulu, TechCrunch, and WordPress. In fact, it’s so widely used that you’ve probably used an Nginx proxy server without even knowing it.

Proxy Server Pro is not an Nginx proxy server, but it’s just as powerful. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, or virtual private network, which allows you the features you would normally expect from a web proxy, such as the ability to unblock websites and hide your identity online. However, it’s also much more. With Proxy Server Pro, every bit of data you send is encrypted. This means you can enter passwords and credit card numbers on normally insecure networks, like public WiFi. It also hides your identity so that no one, not even your boss or teacher, can see what sites you’re visiting. Proxy Server Pro has locations in 25 countries, so no matter where you are in the world, you can stream movies, shop online, and check your social media with total privacy. When you want to protect yourself online, Proxy Server Pro is the all-in-one solution for security on any connection.