Video gaming is one of the most sought after types of entertainment in today’s cyber-focused world. Many of today’s generation are extremely hooked with online games and are already glued to their screens (either on their desktop or mobile device) playing their favourite online games. And as a matter of fact, video gaming has now become a huge part of our culture.


Today’s gaming experience is so much different from the games we used to play back in the 90s. If you compare the old games with today’s popular online games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, you’ll notice the big difference in terms of graphics alone. Thanks to the advancement in digital technology, the gaming experience has just gotten even more realistic (especially with VR).


Unfortunately, even with the best of what technology has to offer, online gaming still has some sort of problems that come along with it. Among the biggest issues that affect the gaming performance are high latency and high ping.


Ever since the explosion of online gaming a few years ago, the number of gamers that are playing online have grown through the years. Because of highly congested gaming servers, gamers usually suffer from lag and delay issues – making gaming habits inconvenient and frustrating.

How to improve gaming performance


The simplest solution to lowering your ping while playing your favourite online game is by using a reliable VPN service. A VPN can ultimately reduce your ping rate and also lower packet losses which would result in better gaming habits. It is ideal to use a VPN for gaming if you have a bad ISP that is delivering low quality internet connections.






Another benefit of using a VPN service is to be able to unlock geo-locked games. When game developers release new games, they usually release the games to select countries first before going global. If you live in a country where the game is not available yet, and you can’t wait for the game to become available in your location, then use a VPN service. Just connect to the necessary server to access geo-blocked games (features).

VPN is more than just a tool to boost gaming performance

Aside from improving the gaming performance, a VPN can also protect your system from DDoS attacks. Thanks to the VPN’s encrypted private network, you are rest assured that your data are safe and your system becomes hack-proofed.


Once you are connected to a VPN network, you can surf the web with confidence with worrying of possible system breach. Many game accounts are being hacked and personal data and financial details are being stolen. So, if you want to have the best of fun while playing online games, make sure that you are connected to a reliable VPN network.


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