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While researching online security tools, you probably come up with questions as fast as you can find answers – are proxy servers legal? Will you get in trouble for using a proxy? Can a proxy server really protect you? The answers aren’t always simple, and at Proxy Server, we believe that the best way to make good choices is to have the right information. To understand whether using a proxy server is legal, let’s first talk a little about proxies.

A proxy is a server that forwards internet requests from your computer to a server that hosts a website. Proxy servers can be used to hide your IP address and access certain sites that are blocked by network rules like those at many schools and businesses. In most countries, it is perfectly legal to use a proxy server – as long as you’re not using it to break the law in other ways. For example, in the United States, it is perfectly legal to use a proxy server to unblock Facebook at work (but you might still get in trouble with your boss!).

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It’s also legal to use a proxy server to keep sites like Google from tracking your IP address. However, at least one court has ruled that it’s illegal to use a proxy server to access a site that you’ve previously been banned from. It’s also illegal to use a proxy server to download or share copyrighted content, since doing so is illegal even without a proxy. There are, unfortunately, some countries where it’s illegal to use a proxy at all, and you should check your local laws if you’re not sure. So let’s revisit the question: are proxy servers legal? In most cases, yes, as long as you’re not breaking any other laws while you’re using one.

Proxy Server Pro is here to ensure you can browse the internet safely, privately, and legally. We offer a VPN, which is slightly different from a standard proxy server, but the same laws apply. What’s different is that Proxy Server Pro encrypts your connection so that every bit of data you send is secure. Not everyone follows the law of course – cybercrime is at an all-time high and it continues to grow each year. Proxy Server Pro is a tool that helps you protect yourself on untrusted networks like public WiFi, so you can shop online and stream your favorite videos with total privacy.