Want to use a proxy server, but still skeptical whether using an IP masking tool violates the law or not? Continue reading to understand more about the legality of proxy servers, and if they pose any legal implications while you browse blocked or geolocked content.


Are Proxy Servers Legal in Your Country?


The thing is for the time being, nothing is stopping you from using proxy servers. Commercial and even free proxy servers are legally available all over the internet, and it is really up to you what you do behind a masked IP address. But, it also depends if your country of residence ban the use of IP masking tools such as proxy servers and VPNs.


In July of this year, the UAE banned the use of VPNs, and have implemented a very grave penalty to anyone who is caught using an IP masking tool: offenders are either fined with $544,000, or might even receive a temporary prison sentence depending on how the VPN was used.


In another incident involving a legal dispute between Craigslist and data harvester 3Taps, a U.S. court ruled that it was illegal to use proxy servers after the latter used a masked IP addresses to scrape data off Craigslist. The ruling sites the violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.




In 2014, the UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit had arrested a man who was suspected of copyright infringement. The man in question was believed to be running a proxy server which was used to ultimately unblock torrent and proxy sites.


Unfortunately, there is limited information regarding the legality of proxy servers and VPNs in different countries all over the world. Nevertheless, it is your due diligence to know if masking your IP is illegal in your country to avoid being held legally responsible for installing one.


Proxy Servers Are Generally Legal



Technically, using proxy servers is legal. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) all over the world make use of proxy servers. Both private and commercial proxy server owners are allowed to operate because there are very few (if any) laws prohibiting it outside of the UAE. Even the government makes use of proxy servers and VPNs to crack down on child pornography offenders, hackers, and other cyber criminals.


The only way using proxies can become illegal is if you are doing prohibited things behind a masked IP address. In the UK incident mentioned above, the man involved was obviously violating the law by downloading copyrighted materials.


If you believe that you are not doing anything illegal behind a masked IP address, and that you just want to stay anonymous online or access geo-restricted websites, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you stay on the right side of the law, using a proxy server or a VPN is safe.



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