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When researching security, it’s easy to get overloaded with information, questions like “are proxy servers safe?”. Which one is the best? How do you know who to trust? At Proxy Server, we believe having the right information is the best way to make good decisions. Figuring out a security solution that’s right for you can be hard, and the safety of your data is absolutely critical. To understand whether you can get the security you need with a proxy, let’s take a look at how they work.

A proxy server provides an intermediate connection between you and another server. When you send a request through a proxy server, the proxy forwards it to the server that hosts the website you want to access. When the website gets the request, it sees the proxy server’s IP address in the header, not yours, so your identity is protected. In many cases, this allows you to access blocked websites as well since you’re not forming a direct connection. However, there are some risks to consider.

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First, you must trust the proxy owner – when you’re sending that data through the server, this makes it accessible to the proxy. Most proxies send your information in plain text, so your private data may be visible to someone listening in on your connection. This risk can be minimized by using browser tools like HTTPS Everywhere, which lets you use encryption on any site that supports it, but even with encryption, some proxy servers can still see what sites you’re visiting, even if they can’t see exactly what you’re doing. So are proxy servers safe? Unfortunately, the answer is “only sometimes.”

With Proxy Server Pro, you can stay secure all the time, on any connection. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, not just a proxy. This means that it will hide your IP address like a proxy server, but also encrypt every bit of data you send. On normal web proxies that do offer encryption, data must be decrypted on the proxy before it’s forwarded. With Proxy Server Pro, encryption is end-to-end, and our servers only provide a tunnel. We keep no traffic logs, so whether you’re checking your Facebook messages or streaming your favorite video on Youtube, your data is in safe hands. Your privacy is our top concern, and not every proxy server is as secure as you might think. With Proxy Server Pro, you can connect safely anywhere, anytime.