Proxy servers are popular for unblocking web content, and hiding one’s true identity online. But there is one thing that you should keep in mind when using proxy servers – not all are built exactly alike. Some proxy services are good while others are not-so good, and if you are using the wrong kind of proxy server, you are most definitely at risk of cyber attacks.

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The problem with free proxy servers is that many of them are being run by data sniffers and marketers alike. Many people that use unreliable proxy services usually end up with compromised credit cards, hacked accounts/passwords and stolen identities, or at the very least have their browsing info sold to third-party marketers who would use it to try and sell you on services you don’t want or need.


In most cases, free proxies are usually the culprit for such unfortunate events. If a proxy server is offering its unblocking services for free, that should already be a red flag right there. Not only are most free proxies actually phishing websites, but they also do not really work well in unblocking a vast majority of the content that people try to use a proxy to access in the first place. So you are basically wasting your time, and compromising your privacy simultaneously with less-respected proxy services in the marketplace.


What is Considered a Safe Proxy Server?


Not all proxy services have a bad reputation though. As a matter of fact, there are actually a few proxies out there that are extremely reliable and are even more effective than some VPNs. It is somehow really easy and confusing at the same time to determine which among the hundreds of available proxy services are malicious sites or tools being used to track/sell your data. Anyone can be fooled by an innocent looking proxy server that is in fact a cookie-stealing platform. And since the proxy server industry is composed mostly of fraudulent services, as a result, when users try to search for proxy services it becomes all that much more difficult to find the truly reliable ones in the muck. Needle in a haystack, and all that.


So to make things a lot easier for users out there, we recommend to simply skip free proxies altogether. Although we are not ruling out the possibility that there are actually reliable free proxies out there (like our own), on the whole the likelihood of this scenario is pretty slim.


Why a Paid Proxy is Better Than the Alternative


Let’s get down to business.: paid proxies are highly recommended because they offer more features than a regular free proxy service would normally offer. Plus, you can confidently use the service knowing that you are in good hands. Paying for a service is a way of supporting the company’s operations – which often times ultimately define how reliable and stable the service is in the long run.


Free proxies also limit which websites you can unblock, which can be a huge problem for users who are specifically trying to unblock streaming websites or geolocked content. There is also a big difference in terms of speed – paid proxies are guarantee to be 5-10x faster than the average free proxy server.


With a paid proxy, you can confidently visit websites, use your login details, and even buy stuff with your credit card. Just like what was mentioned earlier, most free proxies are either run by hackers or they are awfully susceptible to cyber attacks. so really your best bet is either a trusted proxy server or a VPN service like ProVPN.


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