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Many kinds of proxies exist for many different purposes–one of the most widely used is the reverse proxy server. A reverse proxy is unlike the proxy servers you may be used to. Most “regular” proxy servers allow you to unblock websites and hide your IP address. A reverse proxy, on the other hand, has different uses, even though it does essentially the same thing. So how does a reverse proxy work?

A proxy server, in general terms, is a server that forwards requests from a client to another server. In a normal setup, this allows users to send requests to websites so that the website can’t “see” the user. This is called a forward proxy, but most people just call it a proxy. A reverse proxy works the same way, but is focused on the servers, not the client. Reverse proxies are associated with a group of servers (such as those for a large website) and get resources from them to send back to a single client. There are many benefits–the reverse proxy can act as a cache to increase performance, hide information about the servers, balance the number of requests to each server in high-traffic situations, and more. For larger websites, reverse proxies aren’t just a way to hide IP addresses and mask information from users; they’re often critical to keeping the website online. A reverse proxy server may not help you directly, but it’s likely that many of your favorite sites use one.

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Proxy Server Pro is different from a reverse proxy server; however, it’s more than just a forward proxy. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, which means you can use it to browse the internet anonymously over an encrypted connection. Whether you’re entering a sensitive password for your banking account, or just streaming movies, Proxy Server Pro allows you to surf with total privacy on any network, even public WiFi. We offer locations in 25 countries around the world, with speeds up to ten times faster than a free web proxy. No matter where you are, you can stream videos from Youtube, look at photos on Facebook, and visit all your favorite sites with the best speed and security available.

Think of how many times you type in your password or credit card number every day–each time you do it, you’re risking your personal data. With Proxy Server Pro, you’ll have total security every time, on every network!