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Learn more about Socks Proxy

If you’ve been searching for ways to protect your identity online, you may have heard of a SOCKS proxy server. SOCKS proxies are a popular way to prevent websites from seeing your IP address and tracking your activity. A SOCKS proxy is great for many situations, but when you need total protection, Proxy Server Pro is an even better solution. To understand why, let’s have a look at how each works.

SOCKS (Socket Secure) is an internet protocol that sends information from your computer to a website through a proxy. Unlike some other kinds of proxy servers, a SOCKS proxy can do more than simply web traffic–it can also handle FTP (file transfer) and other kinds of data. Many browsers have SOCKS support built in, so it’s easy to use. The downside is that if you don’t have your own server, you must have permission to use someone else’s and trust them to protect your data.

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Proxy Server Pro offers the identity protection of a SOCKS proxy server and many other features. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, which means it will not only hide your IP address, but also encrypt the data you send. You can send information like passwords and credit card numbers over any network, even public WiFi, without worrying about it being intercepted. Proxy Server Pro is also faster than a SOCKS proxy–we use industry leading infrastructure with locations in 25 countries, allowing us to offer speeds up to ten times greater than a standard web proxy.

If you know how to run a server, and only want to hide your IP address, a SOCKS proxy may be right for you. But if you want total security and the ability to unblock any site on any network, Proxy Server Pro is the tool you’ve been searching for!