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If you’re an internet user in Sweden, Proxy Server Pro is the all-in-one security solution you’ve been looking for. More than 9 million Swedes have internet access, accounting for about 93% of the population. This puts Sweden among the top 5 nations in the world in terms of connectivity. Its connection speeds are also some of the world’s best–with an average connection speed of nearly 20 Mbps (and fiber networks that provide up to 10 Gbps), Sweden ranks second in the world in internet speed. If you’re using the Swedish internet, you already enjoy some of the best connectivity on Earth. With Proxy Server Pro, you can also have the best security.

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A proxy server allows you to forward your traffic to a website through an intermediate server. By doing this, you can avoid a direct connection, and the websites you visit can’t track your IP address. However, there’s more to internet security than the ability to hide your identity. Whether you’re in Malmö, Gothenburg, or anywhere else in Sweden, Proxy Server Pro is here to protect all your private data.

To provide the best online security in Sweden, Proxy Server Pro encrypts all data sent to and from websites. When you send a password or credit card number on public WiFi, you never know who’s watching. With Proxy Server Pro, you can be sure your personal information is safe, whether you’re streaming videos at your favorite cafe or simply checking your social media at home. Our server is located in Stockholm and is up to ten times faster than a normal web proxy, so you can browse your favorite sites at the same speeds you’re used to. The best networks in the world deserve the best security. With Proxy Server Pro, you can have both!