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A transparent proxy server is just one of the many kinds of proxies available on the internet. If you’ve done much research on proxies, you’ve probably heard this term before, but it’s not always clear what it means. First of all, a transparent proxy is not a “proxy server” in the way that most people think of them–a server that lets you hide your identity. However, this doesn’t mean transparent proxies are not an important part of the internet.

A proxy is simply a term for a server that forwards requests between you and websites you want to visit. Many people use proxies to unblock websites and hide their IP addresses. A transparent proxy is a bit different. Like any other proxy, it forwards requests to a website or resource, but it has a number of purposes that may not be what you expect. A transparent proxy may be used for caching, to increase performance; filtering, to restrict available content; or as a gateway, to modify content. What makes a proxy “transparent” is that the user is unaware–it allows you to connect to the internet without realizing you’re even using it. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve used a transparent proxy without knowing it. Have you ever stayed in a hotel, opened your browser, and seen a welcome screen that prompted you for your room number to get access? If so, you were probably using a transparent proxy server as a gateway to the internet.

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Proxy Server Pro is not a transparent proxy server, but like a transparent proxy, you won’t even realize it’s there. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, which means you can use it to connect securely to the internet. It’s easy to use: simply install the client on your computer, turn it on, and every bit of data you send will be encrypted, even passwords and credit card information. Transparent proxy servers are often used to restrict internet usage, but Proxy Server Pro does just the opposite. Whether you’re shopping online at home or checking your Facebook on public WiFi, Proxy Server Pro offers a fast, secure connection to the full and open internet. We have servers in 25 countries worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can be sure you’re getting the best connection.

When it comes to security, you can never be too careful. Proxy Server Pro gives you total protection and the privacy you deserve!