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The Best Web Proxy Server

Unblocking restricted websites may seem like a tricky challenge if you’re not familiar with how the internet works. You may have gone through pages of search results, trying to decide how to choose the best way to access the sites your employer or school is blocking. The internet is a great source of information if you know what you’re looking for, but it can sometimes be hard to know where to start.

If the search for a way to unblock websites sounds familiar, you’ve probably encountered the term “web proxy server” before. Many sites offer a free web proxy server that promises to let you access any restricted site, but how do you know which ones will really deliver on their promise? To understand this, let’s take a look at what web proxy servers actually do.

How it Works

When a site is blocked, what that usually means is that a filter or firewall is preventing you from connecting to its IP address. An IP address is a unique number that all computers have, which they use to identify each other. Rather than trying to change the rules that are blocking the sites you want to visit, you can use a proxy server to bypass them altogether.

A proxy server is a general term for a computer in a remote location that will forward your requests to another computer or server. For example, if you want to access Facebook, you send the request to a proxy server, which sends it along to Facebook. When Facebook responds, it sees the request coming from the proxy, not you, and it sends the page back to the proxy. Because you made the request, the proxy then sends it back to you.

A web proxy server is a type of proxy that displays the responses in a web application window, all from within your browser. The application renders the page so that you can see it as you normally would – however there is a downside. Because the application is using its own software to render the page,rather than your browser (which is what sites are built to use), there can be limitations. Complex objects like games and certain apps may not load correctly, so a web proxy may be a good choice for simple tasks like checking emails, but they’re certainly not the best choice for everyone.

Why Go Pro?

Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN offers all the benefits of a free web proxy server, without any of the added limitations tacked on. Proxy Server Pro is a desktop application that directs all your traffic through a proxy in the background. This means that your browser handles every website like it normally would, and you’ll never see a broken page.

Rendering sites take a long time, and because there’s no need to “put the pieces back together,” Proxy Server Pro offers speeds up to ten times faster than a free web proxy. It’s also more secure, using the same encryption standards as our government and military. A web proxy does hide your IP address, but not your data. Proxy Server Pro handles both.

Next time you encounter a blocked site at work or school, think about what you’re really looking for. For simple tasks, a web proxy server might be all you need…but if you want to make the most of your internet experience, Proxy Server Pro will help you take the next step into the fast lane!