We’re going to avoid beating around the bush here and get straight to the point: a free proxy is a quick and cheap way of changing one’s IP address that let’s unblock websites and achieve IP invisibility while surfing the web. Millions of people across the globe are resorting to web proxies to unblock websites either at work, university campuses, and hotels.


Unfortunately, there are more concerns in using free proxies than there should be. From a security standpoint, free proxy services aren’t the safest tools online, and many of the web proxies in the internet today basically boil down to glorified phishing scams – and it’s so easy for anyone to fall prey to these services because of the free access they offer, no questions asked.

Moreover, most of the free web proxies available are not really the most reliable when it comes to unblocking websites. Many, if not all, of the popular websites today have already banned proxy IPs on their systems. So even if you are using the safest proxy service there is, you still won’t be able to unblock well known websites. So what exactly is a “free” proxy, and how do you know it’s the right choice for you? Read on in this guide to find out!


Are There Any Trustworthy Free Proxies?


In choosing a proxy service, the rule of thumb is don’t trust a service that isn’t already well-established in the industry as a trustworthy resource. If a web proxy service has too many bad reviews, then skip it. There are other proxy services out there so only choose the reliable ones when you have the opportunity.



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Even though most free proxies are scams, there are actually good web proxies out there – just take a look at the proxy offered by ProxyServer.com, for example!

Our state-of-the-art proxy servers are highly reliable, and will keep you truly secured while surfing the web. We vouch for your online security 100% of the way, so rest assured you will be able to unblock any website or online content that you like to access with no problems at all.


Reasons to Use a Premium Proxy Service


To be able to unblock any blocked website, you will probably need to spend a little coin to ensure you’re as safe and anonymous as possible. While there are legit free proxies out there, we believe that using any free solution offer more cons and will only limit your browsing habits in the long run.

Aside from the trustworthiness concerns with free proxies, they also tend to provide bad speed connections and bandwidth usage limits. So say for example you’re trying to unblock a streaming website, you will only be disappointed with loading problems on a free service, while paid proxy services ensure that you will get fast access and won’t hit any pre-imposed bandwidth caps.

Free proxies also don’t usually offer customer support to free users. If you have technical difficulties with the free proxy service, you can’t really do much of anything about it. On the other hand, if you pay for a reliable proxy service, you will have various options to contact support alongside an industry-leading service guarantee with a premium proxy service like ProxyServer.com. If you like what your proxy service is offering you, support the company so that it will have the chance to grow and further improve its services from there on out.