When you come across a website that seems to be either unavailable or blocked from your location, you can turn to a proxy server for help. Proxies can provide you the necessary solution to be able to access websites or web contents that are geographically restricted to you.

The problem is that there are literally thousands of proxy sites available on the internet today and it can be overwhelming to distinguish a true proxy server from a hacker-run website. Quite frankly, the fraudulent proxy sites are the ones that users stumble upon first when looking for a proxy server. If you happen to fall into the ‘free’ proxy server bait, then you are going to have a big problem.

In order to be able to find a proxy server that you can truly entrust your connections to, you have to consider certain factors in choosing a service to use. So here are things you need to consider when looking for a proxy server to help you unblock restricted websites.

What are others saying about the proxy service?



The first thing you need to look for are honest reviews about the proxy server company. While there may be a lot of product reviews available online, many of these articles are basically just sponsored by the companies themselves.
If the review is only about praises for the proxy company, it’s probably just a marketing article aim at luring potential customers to use the said service. Look for reviews that actually detail the pros and cons of the service.

Knowing the best and worst features of the proxy service will help you decide on which proxy provider you would invest in.

Connection speed is important

The reliability and effectiveness of the proxy server are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a proxy to use. Connection speed is also equally important when using a proxy server to access restricted websites.

You want to use a proxy server that won’t affect your internet speed much. Technically, using proxies will inherently deteriorate your speed because you are rerouting your traffic to different computer (which is the proxy server). Some proxies even employ an encryption system too which is also one factor that worsen internet speed.

If you are going to be accessing streaming websites or platforms, then look for a proxy server that will limit any speed declines.

Websites that can be unblocked with the proxy service

You also need to know what websites or services the proxy server is capable of providing access to. Many proxies are already being blocked by webmasters so you need to find a proxy that still works.

Ultimately, make sure that the proxy service company can accommodate your requests for any websites you’d like to be able to access. Some proxy companies allow traffic requests from its users if the websites they are trying to access are not yet supported.

Customer support defines a company’s service

Many proxy services, especially those that are offering free proxies don’t really provide any kind of customer support system. See to it that you subscribe or use a proxy service that offers a dependable customer support that you can ask assistance from when you are having technical related concerns.

So to answer the title-question, the best proxy server is something that can provide great speeds, support most websites, has an awesome aftersales support, and is extremely trustworthy. Once you find a good proxy server that has all the features mentioned above, it will surely make your browsing habits hassle-free.

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