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While researching ways to unblock websites or hide your IP address, you may have come across information about a Zelune proxy server. Zelune is the name of a program that allows anyone to run their own proxy server. Like other free proxy server scripts, it can be used to access restricted sites, and even claims to be faster than others such as PHProxy and Glype. However, Zelune and similar proxy scripts have their limitations, and are not total security solutions by themselves. To understand why, let’s take a look at how Zelune works behind the scenes.

Zelune is a proxy script that allows a server to forward web traffic from a user to the sites they want to do so. By using a proxy, the user’s IP address is masked because the website recognizes the request as coming from the proxy server. Like many other free proxy scripts, Zelune is written in the PHP programming language. However, unlike its competitors, Zelune handles requests with cURL, not PHP, resulting in a speed increase so fast some have called it “the world’s fastest proxy script.” Zelune can’t do everything, though.

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Requests to a website are still sent in plain text, so if someone were to intercept your data, everything, including passwords and credit card numbers, would be readable. This is not necessarily a vulnerability or bug–it’s simply a reality with many proxy servers. Another downside is that Zelune is only a script. In order to use it, you’ll need to install the software and maintain your own server, which can be complicated. Depending on what you need, a Zelune proxy server might be a great option–but there are plenty of easier ways to unblock your favorite sites.

Proxy Server Pro offers the same IP-hiding and site-unblocking capabilities as a Zelune proxy server, plus more. Proxy Server Pro is a VPN, meaning it allows you to mask your IP address and get around firewalls, all on an encrypted connection. Whether you need to access your bank account on public WiFi, or simply check your Facebook messages from home, Proxy Server Pro allows you to do so with total security and privacy.

We also offer servers in 25 countries, so no matter where you are in the world, you can browse the internet at up to ten times the speed of Zelune and other web proxies. The internet can be a dangerous place–every time you enter sensitive data, you’re putting yourself at risk. With Proxy Server Pro, you can be sure that anything you do online is totally private, on any connection.